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Best Free Image Optimization Tools For WordPress

In this article, I will explain about 3 Best Free Image Optimization Tools for WordPress that are very important for the speed of your website.

If we compare images with plain text images consume more space than plain text. The size of the image affects your website speed. We need to make them smaller in size so that your website can load faster.

You know an image makes your content more engaging and interactive. A single image is equal to thousands of words.

The size of the image must be reduced so that your website speed could be maintained. In WordPress, we have lots of free and paid plugins that can fix this issue in some clicks.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 Best Free Image Optimization tools WordPress which optimizes your image and increases your website speed.

1.WebP Converter for Media – Convert WebP & Optimize Images

This is the Best Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin that reduces your image size upto 90% and image quality will remain the same. This plugin converts your image into webp format which is a next-generation image extension.

If you just installed this plugin you can convert your already uploaded images into webp format in just one click.

When you upload your images in the media library this plugin converts them in webp format and saves them into separate folders.

While retrieving these images into the browser instead of fetching the original file the browser shows its webp file. Hence the speed of your website gets increased.

2.Compress JPEG & PNG images

TinyPNG is one of the Best Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin which compress jpg and png images. They give a limit of 100 images optimization for free in a month which is enough for any beginner. If you want to remove this limit you can upgrade your plan from free to paid.

The settings of this plugin is very easy. Once you installed this plugin it will compress all the jpg and png images available in the media library.


Lastly, we recommend using this Online Free tool which is also a great free webP image optimization tool. Using Webtoolzone online Webp converter tool you can optimize all kinds of images like jpg, png, and gifs (whether the images are animated or not).

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Final Vedict

In this article we have share 3 Best Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin and online tool that every bloggers and webmaster should use.

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